New Blog is New Part Infinity

So, I deleted my blog for a few days and now true to my indecisive and flaky nature I am back with a new design.

You'll notice there's something ... missing. And something... different. And if you're new, hayy gurl hayy! What's up! 

My reasons for doing this are many. They probably make sense to only me. But here they go: 

1. Negativity. I probably bring a lot of negativity to myself because I'm a cranky bitch most of the time. This blog, when I read it, was pretty negative. That's not to say that there won't be any snark, but I don't know what kind of weird hateful place I was in the past few years and I don't want to be there anymore. I felt like, reading past shit I wrote, I was like the Violent Acres of nursing. Anyone been around the internets remember that crazy bitch? Yeah. 

2. Patient info. I work in a new place that is very strict about not identifying patients. They're all "If we even think it's about a patient you took care of then we'll chain you to big uncomfortable wooden thing and give you the Theon Greyjoy Special." So, from here on out, I have to be REALLY careful about what I say because holy shit, I actually like my new job. 

3. Was bored. 

4. I thought to myself, Self? If someone important in your organization found this blog, would you be scared to have them read it? Or, would you own the shit you say with no fear, with let's venture to say, even pride? And I couldn't say yes to that second question. I need to be able to say yes. 

So welcome back dear readers. Hopefully I will find some new people along the way, too, and we can has a party! 

(I really do love you fuckers) 


  1. If you don't tie your name or real email address to ur blog and they can't prove it was you.

  2. So glad you're back. I was skirred.

  3. So glad to have you back! Just found it again tonight, as someone who is in nursing school I really need a real life experience to balance out my dreams.

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